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A Brief Report from Critical Communications World 2022

Affordable5G continued its summer events run with project partners featured at this year’s Critical Communications World, in Vienna, Austria – the leading sector conference and exhibition bringing mission-critical and business-critical end-users and manufacturers all together under one roof.

Partners Nemergent Solutions SL and Athonet were both present on the exhibition’s floor with booths showcasing Affordable5G’s promotional material, engaging visitors interested in their respective solutions designed for the field, which also connect to their work within the project.

One of the solutions demonstrated by Nemergent revolved on MCX Scaling Mechanisms, which are integral part of Affordable5G’s emergency communication pilot: the company also shot on location and shared online a brief video on the demonstration, serving as summary of the showcase’s contents (The video is available here).

Athonet was proud to present its tactical solutions for critical communications, while advertising all European projects in which they participate and have a focus on PPDR and critical communications, Affordable5G included: the project’s introductory video was shown to the booth’s visitors. Athonet’s solutions for private networking and critical communications attracted the attention of experts from Europe, Asia and South America visiting the booth.