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Affordable5G at the EuCNC and 6G Summit 2022

From 8 – 10 June 2022 the two European Commission Horizon 2020 projects FUDGE-5G and Affordable5G organised a booth at the European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) – and the joint 6G Summit – taking place in Grenoble, France. The projects demonstrated their latest innovations in 5G private networks, enjoying high interest from the conference participants keen on learning about the projects’ objectives and achievements.

Affordable5G showcased its latest project outcomes and developments in its quest to create a high-tech and affordable 5G network roll-out spanning across several fields. At the booth, video presentations and other informational material were available to visitors, and the research partners presented a paper entitled “Towards Closed-loop Automation in 5G Open RAN: Coupling an Open-Source Simulator with xApp” (Check out the presentation here).

Affordable5G Coordinator Josep Martrat from Atos was, amongst others, present at the booth and explained the project’s aims and mission in a short video interview. You can watch it here below:

The FUDGE-5G demonstration focused on its SBA platform, which implements the Service Communication Proxy and offers cloud-native location-aware orchestration of 5G Cores. Utilising the SBA capabilities, the first part of the demonstration allows to deploy 5GC on-premise and have it operational with a gNB within two minutes. This is then mixed with a hybrid deployment where the UPF is located on premise and all other required 5GC NFs in the cloud. The third deployment, instead, has the entire 5GC in the cloud. All on-premise deployments utilise the same SBA platform. For all three deployments, a Vertical Health Monitoring application was orchestrated on-premise allowing to demonstrate the functional readiness of all 5GCs.