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Affordable5G closes the analysis of architectural components

Affordable5G recently crossed a very important checkpoint in the project’s timeline: the finalisation of a planned deliverable on the project’s architectural components.

From the abstract of D1.2 (“Affordable5G building blocks fitting in 5G system architecture”):

“The goal of this deliverable is to analytically present the architectural components that will be implemented and integrated during the Affordable5G project. Following the analysis of D1.1 “State of the art, technical system requirements analysis and pilot element descriptions”, the system requirements are mapped to architectural building blocks that can accommodate the functionalities needed for the cost-efficient deployment of private and enterprise 5G networks. To this end, the main enablers driving the Affordable5G architecture are identified, and a comprehensive review of the underlying technologies is provided. The Affordable5G system architecture, leveraging disaggregated multi-vendor RAN with open interfaces (O-RAN), 5G Standalone Core, data analytics and AI/ML-based network optimization, service orchestration and network slicing, RAN sharing and neutral hosting, as well as 5G RAN transport with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) support, is presented and detailed interactions between the components are described. The deliverable also includes example instantiations of the proposed architecture for the realization of the two project pilots, aiming to demonstrate efficient system support of the Mission Critical Service (MCS) and the Computer Vision Analytics for Emergencies (CVAE) services.”


The deliverable will be available to the public, in the dedicated section of this website, as soon as publication is allowed.