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Cisco’s private 5G enterprise vision

Private 5G enterprise networks are becoming an increasingly attractive opportunity for specialised vendors – each private network’s size and software/hardware requirements to be tailored to the means and goals of each enterprise.

Cisco recently revealed their vision on private 5G enterprise – highly aligned with Affordable5G’s philosophy and objectives – and driven by the “simplicity wins” motto.

The company is involved in several private wireless trials and deployments globally, “working with leading carriers and leading enterprises just to understand how we can simplify this”, in the words of Jonathan Davidson, SVP and GM at Cisco’s Mass Scale Infrastructure Group, whose statements were featured in an extensive article on sdx central.

Davidson clarifies Cisco’s take on private 5G enterprise: “We’re going to enable our customers to buy our technology any way that makes sense for our customers. But we also want to realize that cloud has dramatically changed every single industry that it’s touched, and we don’t want to miss a transition where we have an inflection of two technologies — cloud and 5G — and we think that those two things can live together in harmony”.

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