This page is dedicated to all Affordable5G public deliverables, which will be published on the website once submitted.

D1.1State of the art, technical system requirements analysis and pilot element descriptions (PDF)Nov. 2020
D1.2Affordable5G building blocks fitting in 5G system architecture (PDF)Apr. 2021
D2.1Hardware elements and usage in Affordable5G solutions (PDF)Aug. 2021
D3.1Open platform usage developments (PDF)Jul. 2021
D3.2Software developments release
D4.1Integration and Affordable5G roll-out plans (PDF)Aug. 2021
D4.25G roll-out and system testing report 
D4.3Pilot validation report 
D5.1Dissemination channels and plan (PDF)Oct. 2020
D5.2Dissemination, Collaboration and standardisation report (PDF)Aug. 2021
D6.2Data Management Plan (PDF)Apr. 2021