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5G Private Networks workshop at EuCNC/6G Summit

June 8, 2021 @ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

This workshop is organized by 12 5G-PPP projects (including Affordable5G, FUDGE-5G, 5G-VINNI, 5G-RECORDS, 5GROWTH, 5G-CLARITY, 5G-SMART, 5G-TOURS, 5G-INDUCE, 5G-Solutions, 5G-VICTORI, PriMO-5G) working on 5G NPNs and recognised experts in this area. The workshop will provide a holistic view of NPNs, covering from vertical use cases, operation aspects, business models, trials and emerging technologies.



9:30-11:00 Vertical Use Cases for 5G Private Network


  • 5G-ACIA: Shaping the Industrial 5G Revolution (Xueli An, Huawei, 5G-ACIA)
  • 5Growth NPN Deployment Solutions & Industry 4.0 Pilot Examples (Xi Li, NEC, 5Growth
  • 5G NPNs for Process Monitoring (Niels König, Fraunhofer IPT, 5G-SMART)
  • Autonomous Edge 5G Private Network Requirements for Smart Factories (Nikolaos Tzanis, University of Patras, 5G-VICTORI)

Coffee Break

11:30-13:00 Vertical Use Cases for 5G Private Networks


  • 5G-enabled AGVs for NPN Production Lines in Manufacturing (Manuel Fuentes, Fivecomm, 5G-INDUCE)
  • 5G for Military Use (Kennet Noland, Norwegian Defense Material Agency, 5G-VINNI+FUDGE-5G)
  • On the Role of 5G NPNs for Mission Critical Services (Ki Won Sung, KTH, PriMO-5G)
  • The role of 5G Non-Public Networks for Media Production (Jordi J. Gimenez, EBU, 5G-RECORDS)


 14:00-15:30 Operation of 5G Private Networks


  • Outlook for operator adoption of 5G Private Networks (Jose Ordonez-Lucena, Telefonica, 5G-VINNI+5Growth+5G-Clarity)
  • High-Tech and Affordable 5G Private Network Roll-Out to Every Corner (Sergio Gonzalez, Atos, Affordable 5G)
  • Towards efficient 5G NPN Readiness and Testing, addressing the Industry 4.0 challenges of SMEs (Hakon Lonsethagen, Telenor, 5G-Solutions)
  • Operation of 5G NPNs: Industry Sector Considerations for Deployment and Sustainability (Simon Fletcher, Real Wireless, 5G-TOURS)

Coffee Break

16:00-17:30 Emerging Technologies for 5G Private Networks


  • Seamless integration of TSN into 5G NPNs for Industry 4.0 (Jose Costa, Cumucore, 5G-SMART+FUDGE-5G+5G-RECORDS)
  • Cloud Deployments of 5G NPNs: the Athonet Connectivity Platform (Daniele Munaretto, Athonet, FUDGE-5G)
  • Cloud Native Service-Based Architecture Deployment Considerations for NPNs: An Evolution of NFV (Sebastian Robitzsch, InterDigital, FUDGE-5G)
  • Making (Virtualized) Service Interactions More Flexible Within and Across 5G Private Networks (Dirk Trossen, Huawei, FUDGE-5G)

Registrations to EuCNC/6G Summit’s are now open on its official website – The workshops’ list is available at: https://www.eucnc.eu/workshops/