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NFV SONATA MANO 5G service on-boarding and roll-out either in Cloud or Kubernetes cluster.


Cloud-native dRAX™ Open Interface RAN Intelligence virtual RAN for multi-vendor, disaggregated and virtualised RAN Intelligent Control Plane as per O-RAN, supporting control/user plane separation.


Core network functionalities from 4G to 5G as software running virtualised or bare metal on standard COTS hardware servers, allowing independent scaling up-down.


5G RRH/RU developed in line with 3GPP Rel.15 standards, being responsible for data modulation and demodulation, precoding, inverse fast Fourier transform (IFFT), air interface resource mapping, and antenna beam management.


Provision of a multicore CPU-GPU accelerator with smart load balancing mechanisms.


Provision of carrier-grade Edge Computing NFV infrastructure devices (OPNFV-aligned) with hardware accelerators for basic and advanced network functions (e.g., MEF services, encryption).


3GPP-compliant MCPTT and MCS, providing the application-level components required to deploy the 3GPP R13 and R14 MCPTT and MCS solution and initial developments of R15 and R16, addressing other MC vertical sectors, based on evolved MCPTT and MCS solutions. The MCS VNF has been onboarded and validated in OSM and openNebula in 5GENESIS project.


SmartLamppost, a modular solution of urban furniture, allowing municipalities, tower and infrastructures companies a wide range of flexible and high-end housing solutions, as well as to share the same infrastructure with cost sharing.


Urban Platform for managing smart urban environments, aiming at being integrated with already available systems due to its interoperability layer and open standards compliance.

martel innovate

Provision of the Orchestra Cities platform leveraging state of the art concepts in the Kubernetes Open Source community to deliver a cloud native IoT platform that embraces “infrastructure as a code” principle. The Kubernetes-based Orchestra Cities allows service scaling and recovery automation, continuous delivery, microservice orchestration and cloud-based infrastructure abstraction.


Currently working with REL equipment in the lab to control their D-RAN and UE emulator for injecting different kinds of traffic and to monitor KPIs like throughput ant latency. One target traffic is the Ethernet over 5G, as a step towards TSN over 5G.


Non-real time ORAN Controller and Multi-tenant Wi-Fi self-backhauling.


Provision of Nearby Solution for Edge orchestration, a product that controls the lifecycle of edge compute resources, NFVs and edge applications in an ETSI-MEC enabled environment.


A cloud-native RAN CU and DU module with E2 interface to FlexRAN as a RAN intelligent controller.


Develop, implement and integrate a Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) prototype that will be fully compliant with 3GPP specifications. Apart from the implementation of the NWDAF interfaces, NKUA will develop Machine Learning algorithms to support the analytics part of NWDAF and thus provide prediction services to subscribed entities.