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Insights from the 5G-LOGINNOV, FUDGE-5G, and Affordable5G joint technical workshop

On 16 June 2022, the EU-funded projects 5G-LOGINNOV, FUDGE-5G, and Affordable5G jointly organised an online workshop entitled “Accelerating 5G Innovation in Europe”.

During the workshop, the projects presented their work addressing challenges and opportunities for private networks, focusing on CAD, transport & logistics, smart cities, and manufacturing. The goal of the workshop was to discuss and contribute to the debate about the advancement in the adoption of 5G technologies in several sectors.

The online event started with an introduction session with Peter Schmitting (ERTICO-ITS Europe Manager interoperability and standardisation), Prof. Panagiotis Trakadas (Affordable5G Technical Manager), and Prof. David Gomez-Barquero (FUDGE-5G Coordinator). Hereafter, the three projects gave an overview of their technical progress: 5G-LOGINNOV presented three Living Lab Use Cases based in Athens, Hamburg, and Koper. Affordable5G then presented its technical achievements related to the applicability of Machine Learning techniques in the Radio Access Network part of 5G and RAN Optimsation through control loop automation for private networks. Finally, FUDGE-5G introduced its use cases for 5G private networks and its platform architecture.

The workshop concluded with a panel discussion among Prof. Panagiotis Trakadas, Prof. David Gomez-Barquero, and Pavlos Basaras (5G-LOGINNOV, Athens Living Lab, ICCS).


The whole Affordable5G team thanks the 5G-LOGINNOV and FUDGE-5G colleagues as well as the 30 event attendees for making the workshop a success! In case you missed the workshop, you can watch it here below: