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Meet the Partners: NKUA

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), officially founded in April 14th, 1837, is the largest University not only of Greece but both of the Balkan peninsula and of the Eastern Mediterranean region.

It has 2.000 permanent faculty members and 40.000 undergraduate students. Apart from the educational tasks, NKUA activities also include research and development in various state-of-the art topics. The General Department of NKUA, that belongs to the School of Applied Sciences, has a long expertise in activities focused on informatics, data communications and sensing technologies.

In the framework of Affordable5G, NKUA is involved in the design of the overall system architecture to support the implementation and validation of the three project pilots. Moreover, NKUA builds upon its expertise in AI/ML algorithms in order to provide a cross-layer framework that can support not only data collection from all involved architectural layers, but also network optimization and facilitation of decision making procedures. In addition, NKUA will be actively involved in the development of the components of the Affordable5G integrated management plane that will allow to manage the Afforadble5G integrated RAN, transport and compute infrastructure in a holistic manner. Finally, NKUA will supervise all related integration and validation procedures in Affordable5G, being the Technical Coordinator of the Consortium.