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Meet the Partners: Ubiwhere

Ubiwhere is a high-tech company focused on developing and researching cutting-edge technology, on conceiving smart and sustainable solutions for Smart Cities and Future Telecommunications.

Creativity and innovation are part of Ubiwhere’s daily life, which mostly focuses on creating products based on the results of R&I projects in these areas of operation, adjusting to the needs of their customers.

Their vast experience with scalable software architectures powers the creation of innovative solutions handling multimodal data collection, analysis and visualisation. They promote a more sustainable world, with a higher quality of life for citizens, responding to the evolution of technology and networks of the future and strengthening urban services management.

Ubiwhere will contribute to Affordable5G with the definition and implementation of the Smart Cities use case, leading the system integration and the pilot. The use case will be implemented with two of Ubiwhere’s most promising products: Smartlamppost and Urban Platform.