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Affordable5G will deliver a complete and affordable 5G solution offering for private and enterprise networks, evaluated and validated in three vertical use cases.

The second use case is related to smart cities. In this context, Affordable5G will validate the 5G technology for efficient smart city monitoring, combining IoT data collection sensors integration and edge processing. This will allow deploying new applications for enhancing urban sustainability, mobility and safety and reducing deployment costs.

Ubiwhere will lead the Smart Cities use case pilot in a sports cars circuit (Circuit ParcMotor) in Castellolí (Barcelona), Spain.

Ubiwhere will provide a smart urban infrastructure product, Smartlamppost, as an integrator of diverse modules delivered by the partners (such as Edge Computing processing) and its Urban Platform for unified data collected within the facilities.

  • Smartlamppost allows for efficient lamppost installations having different needs in mind: smart lighting, electric vehicle charging, network connectivity (cellular, Wi-Fi or IoT-oriented) and edge computing. It targets different applications, as it can adjust to specific use-cases, by integrating the necessary modules. It will allow smart cities and street-level service providers (telecom, EV-charging, CCTV, street lighting, etc.) to share the same infrastructure with cost-sharing.
  • The Urban Platform as a smart city verticals integrator will be used for the integration and visualisation of the data retrieved from the modules installed in each Smartlamppost.

The dissemination of 5G networks in urban scenarios is currently being performed by small cells typically equipped with low-range communication RAN spread across strategic locations within a city, to increase bandwidth and decrease latency for the demanding verticals. In this use case, Smartlamppost will be used to accommodate physical infrastructures to provide resources such as the RAN, computing and network capabilities to facilitate network distribution and compute resources at the network edge.

End-user devices, such as CCTV cameras, User Equipment’s and IoT devices, will connect to the small cell via 5G NR. The architecture developed by Affordable 5G will allow the creation of a network and edge computing hardware marketplace for the partner entities operating in this business.

In the pilot, by integrating a CCTV camera into Smartlampost, partners will become capable of assisting security agents in detecting safety issues (such as episodes of violence or theft).