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Affordable5G’s “end to end intelligent orchestration and slice management” and more project partners featured on EC Innovation Radar

The EC initiative and platform singles out Affordable5G’s achievements and partners once again: this time the Radar has analysed and highlighted as “key innovation” our end to end intelligent orchestration and slice management.

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The analysis thus recognised yet another Affordable5G feature as “addressing the needs of existing markets”, placing it in the Radar’s “Exploring” market maturity category: this includes innovations actively exploring value creation opportunities, considered as ‘getting things started’. The Radar defines such innovations as being in the early phases of technological readiness, but already showing high commitment levels from the organisations developing them. Alternatively, this category includes concrete market-oriented ideas, which depend on further progressing on technology development process.

This marks another important validation checkpoint for the project, and, in this case, in particular for project partners i2CAT, Accelleran and Nearby Computing, which now join the “key innovators” for their collaborative work developing the feature.

For those who might not have followed our previous news: the Innovation Radar platform builds on the information and data gathered by independent experts involved in reviewing ongoing research and innovation projects funded by the European Commission. These experts also provide an independent view regarding the innovations in the projects and their market potential (more information about the Innovation Radar methodology is available here).

The aim is to make information about EU-funded innovations from high-quality projects visible and accessible to the public via the platform. This shows citizens the many excellent technological and scientific advances being delivered by researchers and innovators around Europe, funded on their behalf by the European Commission. This initiative has the support of EU Members States and, to date, Ministers from 23 countries have signed the Innovation Radar declaration confirming their support for this initiative.