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Affordable5G will deliver a complete and affordable 5G offering for private and enterprise networks, evaluated and validated in three vertical use cases.

The first use case is related to emergency communications. Led by Nemergent Solutions, it aims to demonstrate the 5G private network concept, and the performance and reliability requirements of Mission Critical Services (MCS), allowing the owner to control their 5G network to serve a limited geographic area with optimised services using dedicated equipment.

Mission critical services (MCS) over 5G networks provide users with access to secure, reliable and highly efficient communication services integrated with the network and providing the service even under extraordinary emergency circumstances.

The pilot will enable the implementation, validation and demonstration of a robust solution that will leverage the cloud native functions of monitoring, flexible deployment and scaling, as well as standardised 3GPP-compliant MCS communication channels, mainly including Mission Critical Push To Talk (MCPTT), Mission Critical Video (MCVideo) and Mission Critical Data (MCData).

The scope of the scenarios within this pilot is to achieve the provisioning of a responsive service that is able to cope with drastic service consumption increase or adverse network conditions so that the first responders are able to keep communicating regardless of outages, communication demand increase, detection of poor communication quality, and other challenging events.