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Meet the Partners: i2CAT

i2CAT is a non-profit technology and innovation centre located in Barcelona, Spain, which promotes R+D+i activities in Internet Technologies within the ICT industry.

i2CAT’s activities are concentrated around, but not limited to, novel network services and technologies (fixed and mobile), open access networks, sensor networks, e-health, networked media systems and industrial Internet, with special focus on NFV and SDW/N technologies, new clean slate architectures, Future Internet experimentation, sensor networks, IoT, M2M.

In Affordable5G, I2CAT will provide an integrated access and backhaul Wi-Fi outdoor solution that can be used to support the deployment of dense outdoor deployments. Moreover, major focus will be concentrated on the development of a non-real time RAN Controller adhering to the O-RAN A1 interface. i2CAT will also provide an slice manager that enables neutral hosting capabilities and the deployment of isolated end-to-end infrastructure network slices. Building on this, an AI-based component will be introduced to predict slice resource outages from the expected demand to ensure SLA.