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Open-source 5G to drive private 5G

As recently reported by RTInsights, Open-source solutions can help Saving CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and OPEX (Operating Expense), which is key for enterprises in order to upgrade to a private 5G/LTE networks.

The LTE networks currently in use among enterprises are provided by telecom operators, which spend a huge amount of money to acquire wireless spectrum licenses from governments: most enterprises cannot spend much money to acquire their own spectrum, although some countries (Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Australia) offer low-cost licenses, and more are planning to follow.

To build their own private LTE networks, enterprises cannot afford spending more on proprietary resources that are expensive to maintain, upgrade, and replace in fallback situations: the upcoming trend is saving CAPEX and OPEX by going after open-source Evolved Packet Core (EPC) software and vendor-agnostic hardware resources to run any platform.

Open-source solutions such as Aether project and FreedomFi, along with Magma (backed by communities like ONF, OpenStack, Open-Air Interface) are good starting points to kickstart a network upgrade.

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